The Brand

In 2016, French shoe and accessories designer Isabelle Ye had an idea. Why not reinvent the legendary image of the Parisienne through shoes that are bright and playful; fun and colorful? A few sketches and a first collection later, Bons Baisers de Paname was born.

Fresh and fun, with original details providing design sheen, Bons Baisers de Paname shoes are created to be worn in the same way that you would write a postcard – instinctively, with a smile, thinking about all the things you really love. As an accent detail, or an all-over print, the red lips that have become emblematic of the brand are visible everywhere, in an offbeat, high-color declaration of love. Inspired by the romantic, elegant ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’ of Paris that she loves so much, Isabelle creates shoes with a fun and irreverent twist, for women who don’t take themselves too seriously. Created for dancing, wandering the city and running after buses, early Bons Baisers de Paname shoes bore the names of some of the most inspiring of those woman, from Édiths Piaf and Cresson, to Simones Veil and de Beauvoir. Each one of them was a strong, liberated icon, fully conscious of her own power.

Today, the label has accessories, ready-to-wear, menswear and childrenswear to its name, all created with the same Bons Baisers de Paname freedom that appeals to mothers and daughters, sisters and brothers, parents and children alike. The thread that ties it all together, is not only the idea that Paris is the capital of fashion, but also the importance of celebrating the joy that comes with that.

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Isabelle Ye was born and grew up in Paris. After learning her craft at Balenciaga and Maje, she started Bon Baisers de Paname in 2016. All her collections are conceived and designed in her design studio in the third arrondissement, in Paris.