Product care

At Bons Baisers de Paname, all our shoes are made from leather, chosen for its quality, comfort and aesthetics. Leather is a delicate natural material however and it's important to look after it carefully to keep your shoes looking like new. Here are the basics of looking after your shoes:


Put them on with a shoe horn to avoid treading down the backs or harming any embellishments, especially if the back has any sequins or embroidery.

Use a shoe tree or stuff newspaper into the toes when you are not wearing them to help keep their original shape.

If you have worn them out in the rain, let them air-dry away from any heat sources.
Machine-wash your laces regularly, using a washing net.


Leather advice

Whatever your shoes are made from, always start by removing the laces if they have any, and dusting with a clean cloth or brush. You can use a shoe tree or newspaper in the toes to help.
Be careful not to damage the embroidery, patches or sequins on your shoes when cleaning.

Smooth leather

Smooth leather does not need to be waterproofed.
To care for your smooth leather shoes, dust with a clean cloth or brush.
Clean with a sheer cleaning cream and a clean cloth using circular movements, then leave to dry for half an hour before buffing with a clean cloth.


We have retained the fur on this leather and printed it with an animal motif.
There is no need to waterproof ponyskin. It can be brushed clean and any marks removed with a damp cloth.


Suede is more fragile than smooth leather.
Waterproof your suede shoes before wearing them for the first time.
A suede brush or gentle regular brush can be used to remove any marks.

Velvet or satin

Velvet and satin are delciate materials that do not tolerate contact with rain or snow very well, so be sure to wear your velvet or satin shoes in dry weather only. You can also use a protective spray. Avoid machine washing as it will damage the soles.


Waterproof your sequinned shoes before you wear them for the first time.
Look after them by rubbing gently with a clean cloth or a brush, being careful not to damage the sequins.